Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My MVC Application Structure 1.0

Below is the current structure I am using when creating new MVC applications.  Please note the below structure is still in a state of flux.  I am still in the process of trying new things so you may see more posts in regard to this topic.

  • Content Folder: I like having the CSS, Images and Scripts under one folder.  I feel it makes things so much easier.  The Downloads folder is used to store my Word and PDF version of my resume.

  • Controllers:  Nothing special here, just you standard folder with many controllers.

  • Infrastructure:  As you can see this is broke down into many different sections. Most of the sections are pretty obvious what they hold.  The Data folder is used to store the LINQ to SQL classes.  The Service folder is basically storing the middle tier of the application, these classes are called from the controllers.

  • Models:  Still not 100% sure on this but I break up the models by controller / use.  I find this to be considerably easier to maintain.

  • Views:  Nothing special here either.

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